51 Days and Counting…

I read a post on facebook this morning from a woman who begins her Christmas decorating early in November! Of course, I can’t find that post to share when I now want it, so hear me out…


The blogger commented that she found December to be more free, easy and enjoyable if all her decorating was completed in November. She makes a tradition of packing away the ghosts, goblins and jack o’lanterns and hauling out the holly every November 1.  The writer added that she DOES reserve decorating her Christmas tree with her grandchildren until after Thanksgiving!

I thought about this idea and it made some sense to me. I really enjoy the holiday seasons….both Thanksgiving and Christmas so I questioned, why not prolong the seasons and maybe even enjoy them MORE by beginning early?

It always seems that the first weeks of December just FLY BY…and the simple pleasures of the season become, too often, diminished and even overlooked when there is an endless list of “to do’s” nagging in our minds. People become exhausted and drained with the myriad of tasks that they face during the holiday season. By December 25th they are frazzled and stressed, unable to rest and are barely able to enjoy the holiday! Even though the busyness often stems from unrealistic expectations and obligations, we still dream and plan and yearn for those special holiday moments that will go down as the best in family and personal memories! We add just one more gift to buy, one more cookie to bake and one more tree to decorate, onto our already over-committed schedule, in hopes of creating that perfect holiday in our homes!

Nudged back to reality, I realize I’m dreaming and writing about the future, whilst around me remains some ‘end of summer’ work that still needs to be done outside! Lawn furniture to store, flower beds to clean out…and on and on. I’m reminded also that before Christmas goodies can be hauled out from storage, the fall decorations must be taken down and put away and…I’m not sure I want to rid my home of the beautiful colors, textures and scents of AUTUMN just yet!


The facebook poster’s November 1st deadline has come and gone but her post this morning, at the least, has helped me consider the idea of how I can best create a “SIMPLE” Christmas season this year! I’ve concluded that it has less to do with WHEN I decide to ‘haul out the holly’ in my home and more to do with being aware of the opportunities that come before me, rising to meet each occasion well and savoring every moment of each day in my heart.

Here’s to making a simple and joy filled November!      

How about your plans for the holidays? Anyone else do their decorating before Thanksgiving?

A new week….and a crazy schedule!

My head is swimming, my allergies are flaring and my ‘to do’ list is a mile long!

How does everyone out there ‘collect their thoughts’ and gear up for a hectic schedule and list of commitments?

After this blog post, my plan is to spend some time on my patio with a cup of coffee, my bible and a notebook.

The coffee frees my brain, the bible frees my soul and the notebook frees my emotions. Writing out my “must do’s” on paper helps me to organize life and prioritize my activities. I admit that I don’t always follow this written plan, but the mere act of writing and thinking somehow helps me look ahead and keep life in some degree of order.

Coming up in the next two weeks are a yard sale, starting and planning lessons to get back to work, a class reunion that I will be decorating for and working on other added features to make the reunion fun, a day of baby sitting my great-niece and the on-going task of moving my office to a different room in the house and switching up furniture and the like. Oh…fall decorating has to fall in there somewhere also!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dreading any of this. I LOVE doing all of the above activities and will enjoy the moments. I get as much enjoyment in planning and THINKING about these fun tasks as I do in actually doing them…maybe more! Perhaps that’s why it helps me to think and write when I’m faced with ‘over load’ in life.

I hope you all have coping methods and are able to find JOY in the many tasks that we each face. For me, I will sip, pray and write until I get clarity and a sense of peace and organization in my life! THEN I will begin to tackle the many “to do’s” of the week ahead.


Feel free to share in the comments how you cope and process life…I’m interested in how others navigate through life!