Re-purposed Baking!

My neighbor had a table set up on the sidewalk giving away stuff! FREE STUFF! I snatched up a cute crock and realized later that it was a “Pampered Chef Bread Baking Stoneware Crock”. (And I was just going to use it to display fall ‘weeds’!)

PC crock

It was a crisp ‘fall feeling’ day and I thought I may give bread baking a whirl! After searching ‘baking bread in a crock’ online, I came across a post at “Heavenly Homemakers” that sparked my interest. I learned that you can bake bread in a tin can!

This challenged me to do some experimenting in the kitchen. I decided to bake a quick bread (since I’ve NEVER made bread using yeast) and compare the breads baked in my ‘new’ stone crock as well as that baked in an ‘old’ tin can.

Attached to the article about ‘tin can baking’ was a recipe for “Grandma’s Brown Bread” so I opted to use it. I think it is called Brown Bread because of the dark colored raisins that are an abundant ingredient in the bread.

The entire process and baking experience can soon be found on the website: “Jerky, Pickles and Beer”.

I can proudly report that both the tin can and the Pampered Chef Stone Crock produced round breads that were easy to remove, slice and clean up! Not much better than simply throwing away the baking ‘can’! Both breads tasted delicious and were fun and easy to make!

brown breads cut

I think I made a good deal when I walked across the street to check my neighbors ‘free table’! I’ll be using my Pampered Chef Stoneware Crock in the future to make more breads! Here’s to all the wonderful treasures that can be reused and re-purposed, to the wise and fun process of re purposing and to those who share their treasures so others can enjoy!

*Fun With Kids Alert”:  Baking in a can would be a fun activity to do with children! You could use the opportunity to share the history of The Great Depression, when this method of baking was in its heyday.