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I’m back!

Having survived (and enjoyed) the Christmas holiday and the move into 2018, I am back with a new blog post!

One of my favorite times of the year is the week between Christmas and the start of the next year. I always take those days to refocus and give thought to the past and to look to the future.

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Nearing the end of December, I was contemplating my tendencies to ‘over indulge’ and after pondering this thought, it became clear to me, that even ‘normal’ indulgences can have the potential to be harmful. I decided at some point in my contemplation that I need to renew my determination to be led by God and not by my own understanding and desires (which had turned into unhealthy indulgences). My indulgences (or ‘leniencies’ as Peter Mark Roget suggests!) were getting in the way of living the life that God has prepared for me.See the source imageHaving recognized this problem in my life, I zeroed in on this area and prayed about this during those last days of 2017. Just like God, He faithfully gave me new goals and challenges for my life for the coming year. My guiding word for the new year is FOCUS. More specifically, FOCUS on God, FOCUS on the work He is doing and FOCUS on the work He wants me to do.

Therefore, to boost and improve my FOCUS in 2018 I have resolved to strive:

  • To SEE and SEEK with clearer vision (for each new day AND for the future)
  • To HEAR and LISTEN more clearly as I ‘fine tune the channel’ and block out needless noise in my life
  • To RECEIVE with a more open heart and mind and
  • To FOLLOW God’s direction and leading with a strong, courageous and determined spirit.

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Today is January 8 and I can say that since the beginning of the new year, I have been eating a healthy, low carb and alcohol-free diet! These are just two of the areas in my life that for a few years were not under God’s control and were enjoyed at the whim of my indulgent desires. I could name more of those indulgences in my life, but that’s for another conversation!

I write this post NOT to suggest anyone else ‘copy’ my choices for the new year, in an effort to ‘find God’, be a better person or make God ‘happy’. I believe that anything a person does, if it’s not done for God’s glory and purposes, is pretty much in vain and pointless in God’s eyes.

None of us know what the days ahead will hold and each person chooses their own path and takes their own steps in their journey through life. My hope is that every person would seek and find the One True Path that leads to the One True God. I fully expect 2018 to bring new challenges and opportunities for me to share what I believe that path to be.

Those who believe in God can be sure that if we are rooted and grounded in Him, who ordained the days ahead of us, we will be loved, cared for and valued all our days.

Here’s hoping that 2018 is a year of growth, goodness and grace for all of us!

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It’s been awhile…

I’ve been busy…mostly relaxing over the weekend but also a bit of running hither and yon enjoying a few fun adventures!


One activity I enjoyed this weekend was visiting a craft show and a new little craft  shop with my sister. I MUST shout out to “Walter’s Old Rustic Ave.” in Middleburg, PA! Such a tiny little shop but filled with all things rustic and VERY good prices! I purchased a small, but quite heavy, hand made, shabby wooden planter and an old rusted snow shovel that will likely be incorporated into my winter decorations. I will definitely be going back to that craft shop for more great deals and good service!


We then headed to Grace Covenant Church’s craft show. I mostly ‘looked’ at the crafted items. So much of what I see, I think, “I could make that myself”, so I don’t buy too many crafted items unless they are really unique. I DID find some really cute and practical open fingered crocheted mittens that I bought. The mittens were hand made but I don’t know the woman’s name. Her family business is “Ducks, Birds & More” from Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA. They were older folks and don’t seem to have an online presence, but I did get her card with a phone number if anyone wants it. It was a good bargain for a nice hand-made item!

Anyway, the real point of this post was to share a new product that I just ordered from Amazon!

I mentioned the weekend craft show because that experience inspired me to do some crafting!  I am going to paint some rustic barn board signs! These signs, that I’m sure are very familiar to those who follow and love the “Farmhouse Decor”, have been inspiring me for some time. With Christmas decorating approaching, it seems like the time is NOW!

So, the product I ordered from is a supply that I need for these painted signs..the PAINT! I found the Posca Oil Paint markers to be the most highly recommended for the money. I ordered a two pack of white paint pens in both the fine and medium tips. I’ll expand my inventory if my interest in ‘sign painting’ sticks around! (Most of my inspirations are fleeting!)

If you have any interest in the art of hand lettering, I hear the Posca pens are excellent!

I will be looking forward to my Wednesday delivery! And now…to head to Airy Dale Farm Market in Beaver Springs to see if they are still selling old barn boards! They had them for sale last week for $1.25 each board! Pretty good price, I thought!

I’ll keep you posted on my highly anticipated new product AND the new art / craft projects!

Rustic Sign – Stock photo for example


A Whole Lot of Bakin’ Goin’ On!

Today I stocked up on items that I needed so I would be ready to dig into some serious baking on Friday!


Friday baking plans include a double batch of super ‘delish’, home-made Granola, a double batch of the traditional favorite, Chex Party Mix, two pumpkin pies, mini Banana Bread loaves, pumpkin muffins and peanut butter fudge.

No, it’s not all for me!

The Middlecreek Area Community Center (where I work) is having a Fall Festival on Saturday and my “Tuesday – Thursday” class, along with the Pre-school class is sponsoring a bake sale! I’ve had some parents graciously sign up to donate goods, but I definitely wanted to contribute as well. The event will be this Saturday, from 8 a.m. until the afternoon. (not sure of the exact closing time). Lots of fun for the kiddos and craft vendors, food, etc. for everyone!

Signs are ready! Come see me at the MACC on Saturday and pick up a sweet treat or two!


A successful event!

Our 45th Class Reunion was a success! It was such a nice evening to catch up on news and faces of former classmates. In 45 years, our lives and faces sure have changed, but so  much of us remains the same! It was easy to “pick up where we left off” the last time we met! It was a fun event!

The table centerpieces, that I mentioned in my previous blog post, came together nicely and, though they were simple, they were a nice touch to the tables for our guests. I made six of these wine bottles wrapped with old class photos and another bouquet of zinnias and other garden flowers for our ‘Memorial Table”. I really enjoy decorating and ‘fussing’ over events like this and was happy to do this. Also glad that some of the classmates took these bottles home so they could enjoy the sunflowers a bit longer!

The past six months of planning meetings for this reunion were especially enjoyable for me and I’m looking forward to our ‘post reunion’ meeting in two weeks!

Our class always includes a ‘blind’ or ‘white elephant’ auction to add a little $$ to our class treasury. I was so happy to win a bag of ‘goodies’ from Pompeii Street Soaps in Mifflinburg, PA. Thanks, Sue for bringing this great gift! I also won a beautiful chrysanthemum. I’m not sure who brought this, but I love it and it will be a great addition to my fall decorating!


Speaking of fall decorating….I need to get busy with that undertaking soon! What’s your “Method of Operation” when doing tasks like this? Do you FORCE yourself to “get it done” or do you wait for inspiration? I tend to wait for inspiration then work like a ‘mad woman’ to get the job done! So far this season, I’ve only been inspired to buy a flannel shirt for a scarecrow that I hope to make! The inspiration will come eventually!




  • 1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative: “Helen had one of her flashes of inspiration” synonyms: creativity, inventiveness, innovation, ingenuity, genius, more
  • 2. the drawing in of breath; inhalation.

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Tomatoes, Tomatoes!

I planted THREE tomato plants this spring. Two are varieties of large (sandwich/slicing) tomatoes and one is small ‘cherry’ type tomatoes. The plants are now overflowing with ripe tomatoes and even more that are currently green! I must say they are delicious!


I have the pleasure of babysitting my 4 year old great-niece, Lila, today. Her parents are packing last minute items in anticipation of moving, tomorrow, from their home in New York, to Leesburg, Virginia. Lila has been staying with her ‘Mimi’ (my sister) since Sunday and I am helping out today so that my sister can put in a day of work. Lila is SO easy and fun to have around and care for! The last few days I intentionally left tomatoes on the vines so that she would be able to help ‘harvest the crop’ today! Here she is…hard at work and enjoying every moment of tomato harvesting!

We harvested so many tomatoes we were able to restock our ‘free’ table that I have sitting in front of my house. I’m glad to be able to share the harvest!


If you are in Beaver Springs, stop by for a free tomato or two!

How is your garden growing these days?


I think this quote is pretty accurate. What do you think? 

I have to tell you, today is one of those days…I’m a bit bored. I’m babysitting the grandsons and just don’t have enthusiasm to do much. I’m on the second load of laundry, but that’s the extent of productivity so far today.

I think boredom carries with it a degree of restlessness. A feeling of WANTING to do something but not knowing what can pleasurably fill that space and time, and thus becoming dissatisfied with the situation.

Are you ever bored? What do you do to combat boredom?

There are many times when I am doing NOTHING and am not bored at all because I am perfectly content in the situation. 



It’s GOOD to relax at times. Though I try to make the most of my time and be productive as I live life, there are times when we simply need to ‘recharge’. As an intuitive introvert, I recharge by being alone…I love and NEED my solitude! Most often I ‘chill’ with my own thoughts then quite often that turns into talking with God. 

What do you do to ‘recharge’ your spirit?

Whatever you CHOOSE to do today…do it well!

Sunday….my Sabbath. (7th day of my week)

So I read through the book of Exodus in the Bible this week and was reminded about the Sabbath and the command from God to REST and keep the day holy (set apart). This was something that I wasn’t too intentional about. Today I committed to give this day the honor that God has designed for Him and the day.

That said, I’m chilling so far today. I got up early, then went to an adult Sunday School class at my ‘home’ church. The class is taught by Mark Meckley…until September 17 when a new teacher will take on the challenge. Mark is a total scholar of the Bible and of Christian doctrine and very impressive, indeed. (Not that he strives to impress at all, he is very humble as he teaches). Worship followed. I was challenged, from the book of Exodus, to OBEY what God has laid out before me as instruction and leading. Not always an easy thing to do!

Last week in our church there was a request for people to donate altar flowers from their garden…so I volunteered.


Today I was happy and blessed to be able to share some of the beautiful flowers from my garden and to add beauty to our church altar.


Happy Christian Sabbath!