When I was a little girl, (c. 1955+) growing up in central PA, my PA Dutch descended grandmother, Prudie, always had a ‘candy drawer’ in the kitchen, along with a few Depression Era glass candy dishes in her living room.   I remember the kitchen drawer containing orange ‘circus peanuts‘  and hard butterscotch candies, both of which I liked,  but the living room candy dishes contained an especially enjoyable treat that my Grandma called, “Hodgepodge”.


This delicious treat featured small squares of layered colored confection with a licorice “stripe” and coconut-covered “cap”. Also in the mixture were small solid licorice logs along with a white confection log wrapped in thin black licorice as well as a black licorice log surrounded with a thick layer of colored confection. A chunky disc-shaped gummy candy covered in tiny colored nonpareils were my least favorite pieces of the mix. After growing up and living away from central PA, I came to learn that this sweet licorice concoction is called Allsorts by the rest of the world! No matter the name, the colorful tasty treat is still, 62 years later, my favorite candy!

In August of 2017, my sister suggested I create a blog to chronicle the creative aspects of my life. (I THINK that’s what she intended). I had dabbled in the blog world in the past and knew that blogging can be a great therapeutic exercise for the mind and soul but immediately resisted her suggestion. Days later I sit and write this initial post describing why I have chosen to blog and what my objectives are.

I have selected “Allsorts” as the title for my blog because I expect my writings to reveal a variety of occurrences, thoughts and snippets from my life; a hodgepodge of information, inspiration and observation. I have lived through a diverse collection of experiences and gained wisdom, humility and empathy in the process. Ingrained in my being is a gift of creativity, a care free attitude and strong desire to learn. I love history, reading, all things ‘pretty’ and comfortable, flowers, nature, children and the elderly. Simple things make my heart soar but above all this, my relationship with God is most important. My Creator has seen fit to provide, protect and bless me in countless ways. My blog posts will no doubt reflect the delightful along with the less desirable components of my life.

With this explanation, I begin my adventure into the blog world. Come, join me!