I’m back!

Having survived (and enjoyed) the Christmas holiday and the move into 2018, I am back with a new blog post!

One of my favorite times of the year is the week between Christmas and the start of the next year. I always take those days to refocus and give thought to the past and to look to the future.

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Nearing the end of December, I was contemplating my tendencies to ‘over indulge’ and after pondering this thought, it became clear to me, that even ‘normal’ indulgences can have the potential to be harmful. I decided at some point in my contemplation that I need to renew my determination to be led by God and not by my own understanding and desires (which had turned into unhealthy indulgences). My indulgences (or ‘leniencies’ as Peter Mark Roget suggests!) were getting in the way of living the life that God has prepared for me.See the source imageHaving recognized this problem in my life, I zeroed in on this area and prayed about this during those last days of 2017. Just like God, He faithfully gave me new goals and challenges for my life for the coming year. My guiding word for the new year is FOCUS. More specifically, FOCUS on God, FOCUS on the work He is doing and FOCUS on the work He wants me to do.

Therefore, to boost and improve my FOCUS in 2018 I have resolved to strive:

  • To SEE and SEEK with clearer vision (for each new day AND for the future)
  • To HEAR and LISTEN more clearly as I ‘fine tune the channel’ and block out needless noise in my life
  • To RECEIVE with a more open heart and mind and
  • To FOLLOW God’s direction and leading with a strong, courageous and determined spirit.

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Today is January 8 and I can say that since the beginning of the new year, I have been eating a healthy, low carb and alcohol-free diet! These are just two of the areas in my life that for a few years were not under God’s control and were enjoyed at the whim of my indulgent desires. I could name more of those indulgences in my life, but that’s for another conversation!

I write this post NOT to suggest anyone else ‘copy’ my choices for the new year, in an effort to ‘find God’, be a better person or make God ‘happy’. I believe that anything a person does, if it’s not done for God’s glory and purposes, is pretty much in vain and pointless in God’s eyes.

None of us know what the days ahead will hold and each person chooses their own path and takes their own steps in their journey through life. My hope is that every person would seek and find the One True Path that leads to the One True God. I fully expect 2018 to bring new challenges and opportunities for me to share what I believe that path to be.

Those who believe in God can be sure that if we are rooted and grounded in Him, who ordained the days ahead of us, we will be loved, cared for and valued all our days.

Here’s hoping that 2018 is a year of growth, goodness and grace for all of us!

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