Painted Porch Steps!

One year and two months since I moved to this house and yesterday I finally got the front porch steps painted! (porch floor is just plywood now…waiting ‘to be determined’!) I chose the paint colors of the steps based on what paint was ‘leftover’ at the house when I moved in! That makes the total cost of the painting project…FREE! (Except an achy body today!)


Here’s what the unpainted steps looked like (September) before I tackled the job yesterday.


Searching for a ‘before’ photo of the steps, I found a few photos from August 2016 when I moved to this house. Here are some “before and after” photos!

I’ve definitely made this house ‘my own’ over the course of this past year. I love how different people have different tastes and we each have a little corner of the world to claim and call our own. I love my corner and I hope you are as comfortable and cozy in your corner as I am in mine! I am very thankful, grateful and blessed!

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