My ‘new’ room…

I want a vintage farmhouse table!

I FINALLY got the front room of my house cleaned out and have decided that what I want and need is an old, rustic farmhouse table! I gave my newer styled round oak kitchen set away soon after I moved to this house last year and am now sure that I’d like a dining table for the centerpiece of this re-purposed room. (I originally used this room for crafting and work space but moved all that ‘stuff’ to an upstairs room this summer). Of course, for me, the table would have to double as a work space (and probably another ‘catch all’ in reality) but my goal would also be to host some dinners for friends and family.

Here are two photos of the ‘new’ room…just waiting for a table!


About a month ago my piano was moved from my living room to this room and I love it’s new location! Some of the furniture was just too large for me to move upstairs so I had to make due and keep the larger pieces in this newly styled room. One problem…I clearly don’t know how to refer to this room! Is it a dining room? “Front room” is an odd term, but it IS in the front of my house. It’s going to be a “multi-purpose room” but that term definitely sounds like a school or church! So, what do I call it?

Here is an idea of what I have my heart set on for this room. I’m always ‘in the market’, but it must be reasonably priced! Condition isn’t too important to me..I can always clean, repair and paint it! Keep your eyes open and definitely let me know if anyone finds a good deal local to central PA!

Please leave a comment and help me name my new room!

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