Have you tried this?


So I was at the grocery store last week and saw an end display for PUMPKIN SPICE CHEERIOS. I’m usually a fan of all things pumpkin so I placed a box in my cart. A pleasant older gentleman (75-80ish) who, after peering into my cart, stopped to tell me just how delicious this cereal tastes and my choice was confirmed! The sweet old man added that, “He had a bowl with milk this morning!” I was feeling pretty positive of my new seasonal selection and was especially touched by the sincerity and sweetness of this elderly man. There was really no way I was going to let this gentleman’s recommendation go under valued!

I most often eat my cheerios dry, as a snack, so one evening I sampled my new purchase.

I, sadly, have to report that I wasn’t impressed. Not sure what it is about Pumpkin Cheerios, but the seasonal rush and mouth watering flavor of fall goodness just wasn’t there for me.

I am a fan of Honey Nut Cheerios and have decided that NOTHING can out do the deliciousness of my favorite cereal. Here’s to Honey Nut Cheerios!


Leave a comment:  What’s your verdict? Have you tried these Pumpkin Spice Cheerios yet? What’s your favorite seasonal treat?

One thought on “Have you tried this?

  1. Thanks for the taste test, Lindy. I saw them too but hesitated. My favorite Cheerios are the protein Cheerios, cinnamon almond. So disappointed our Giant doesn’t stock them any more😠

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