DIY Easy Table Centerpiece

How have 45 years flown by since I graduated from high school? This Saturday, my small class is having a reunion to celebrate this eventful year! For some reason, it turns out that few of our classmates want to celebrate, but for those who DO, we are resolved to have a good time!


I’ve been serving on the committee that has made the plans for this event. It will be a humble affair; a meal catered at a local restaurant, a tour of our former school (that is now a completely remodeled elementary school) and a campfire, dessert and more fun at the home of two of our class members.

I’ve been thinking about some table decorations and think I have a plan! I just realized I have 6 empty wine bottles sitting around (I KNEW I was saving them for something special!) and because the neck is so narrow, they will be perfect to showcase a single (or few) pretty yellow sunflowers from my garden. A friend was kind enough to copy some photos from pages of old school yearbooks so I will wrap the pages around the bottles, secure with Mod-podge and embellish with some raffia, jute or ribbon. That should be an easy Friday project! Here are some ideas for my inspiration! I’ll keep you posted on the ‘finished product’!


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