Morning Reflection…

Through a web of various activities, I found myself with my day’s plans changed and deep in some significant time of reflection on my patio this morning. You may be familiar with that type of “method of operation”; when you move spontaneously from one activity to another with no rhyme nor reason of progression.

My morning included, sipping a cup of tea at 5:45 a.m., a CAT NAP by 7 a.m. and then back up and moving by 8 a.m. I sorted through some winter/summer clothes, started a load of laundry,  loaded and ran the dish washer, played a few games on my phone then went outside to look at my flower garden. I soon found myself throwing out the old and cutting fresh flowers for my patio table which somehow led to having a cup of coffee and a conversation with my nephew, who passed by on his way to the post office, which then led to…at last…spending some quiet time with the Lord. Which was my initial goal when I woke up at 5:45 a.m.! *Read on if you want to know about my morning’s reflection…


The flurry of the morning led me to reflect on my purpose and plans, not only for this day, but for my life. I spent time studying scripture, praying, soul searching and writing. (A post that will be added later to my HOME and ABOUT sections of this blog) After much time focused on ‘purpose’, I turned to a very brief lesson that I was (inadvertently) challenged with a few weeks ago at a new home church that I’ve been attending. Dan Sellers shared the scripture, “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” He expounded a bit on these words which led me to a new way of seeing and understanding this scripture. I’ll admit that I had somewhat misunderstood this scripture verse from Psalm 37:4 to mean (very simply) that, if one followed and loved Jesus, then God would make sure we had everything that our heart desires.  It took 30+ years to figure it out, but I understand now, after this mornings study and after hearing the seed that was planted a few weeks ago at church, that David, the author of this Psalm, means that, if one is seeking to know, follow, obey and love God, then God will take our hearts and plant in them the goals, plans and purposes OF GOD. I guess I sort of KNEW that truth, but was always just hoping and trusting that my own desires were God’s desires and so then, God would bring them to pass. Today…I want NEW desires completely. I want GOD’S desires to be in my heart. That will take some changing!

Living for Christ means not only turning from and offering my corrupted and hardened heart to God. (I did that many years ago…another long story!) but it also includes giving up and stopping my foolish and self centered thinking and habits, and allowing God to change me and the desires that are within my heart. (THAT will be ongoing until I die!)

I think of a portion of the lyrics of an ‘old school’ song written by Keith Green , “Create In Me a Clean Heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” Beautiful song! The words are taken from Psalms 51:10. Check out the song on YouTube and read the scripture. Be prepared for some soul searching!


Have you tried this?


So I was at the grocery store last week and saw an end display for PUMPKIN SPICE CHEERIOS. I’m usually a fan of all things pumpkin so I placed a box in my cart. A pleasant older gentleman (75-80ish) who, after peering into my cart, stopped to tell me just how delicious this cereal tastes and my choice was confirmed! The sweet old man added that, “He had a bowl with milk this morning!” I was feeling pretty positive of my new seasonal selection and was especially touched by the sincerity and sweetness of this elderly man. There was really no way I was going to let this gentleman’s recommendation go under valued!

I most often eat my cheerios dry, as a snack, so one evening I sampled my new purchase.

I, sadly, have to report that I wasn’t impressed. Not sure what it is about Pumpkin Cheerios, but the seasonal rush and mouth watering flavor of fall goodness just wasn’t there for me.

I am a fan of Honey Nut Cheerios and have decided that NOTHING can out do the deliciousness of my favorite cereal. Here’s to Honey Nut Cheerios!


Leave a comment:  What’s your verdict? Have you tried these Pumpkin Spice Cheerios yet? What’s your favorite seasonal treat?

Re-purposed Baking!

My neighbor had a table set up on the sidewalk giving away stuff! FREE STUFF! I snatched up a cute crock and realized later that it was a “Pampered Chef Bread Baking Stoneware Crock”. (And I was just going to use it to display fall ‘weeds’!)

PC crock

It was a crisp ‘fall feeling’ day and I thought I may give bread baking a whirl! After searching ‘baking bread in a crock’ online, I came across a post at “Heavenly Homemakers” that sparked my interest. I learned that you can bake bread in a tin can!

This challenged me to do some experimenting in the kitchen. I decided to bake a quick bread (since I’ve NEVER made bread using yeast) and compare the breads baked in my ‘new’ stone crock as well as that baked in an ‘old’ tin can.

Attached to the article about ‘tin can baking’ was a recipe for “Grandma’s Brown Bread” so I opted to use it. I think it is called Brown Bread because of the dark colored raisins that are an abundant ingredient in the bread.

The entire process and baking experience can soon be found on the website: “Jerky, Pickles and Beer”.

I can proudly report that both the tin can and the Pampered Chef Stone Crock produced round breads that were easy to remove, slice and clean up! Not much better than simply throwing away the baking ‘can’! Both breads tasted delicious and were fun and easy to make!

brown breads cut

I think I made a good deal when I walked across the street to check my neighbors ‘free table’! I’ll be using my Pampered Chef Stoneware Crock in the future to make more breads! Here’s to all the wonderful treasures that can be reused and re-purposed, to the wise and fun process of re purposing and to those who share their treasures so others can enjoy!

*Fun With Kids Alert”:  Baking in a can would be a fun activity to do with children! You could use the opportunity to share the history of The Great Depression, when this method of baking was in its heyday.