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I have had my eyes opened in the last day regarding posts on Facebook, which I perceive to have ‘crossed the line’ of respect, politeness and ‘minding one’s own business’. Have you ever been ‘stung’ by negative comments directed to you from others in the ‘anything goes’ format of Facebook?

If you follow this blog, you know that I was planning to have a yard sale this coming weekend. I opted, instead, to give my items outright to anyone who wants or needs them. I wasn’t seeking any kudos or accolades for this, I simply felt to freely give the items might be a much appreciated blessing for someone. God commands us to share our wealth and blessings, it’s that simple for me. OK, I acknowledge that perhaps there was some level of ‘selfishness’ in my decision. I really didn’t want to mess with the hassle of lugging tables and boxes and sorting and pricing items. I suppose I reasoned that I could better serve others (and myself) by offering items for free.

Whatever my motives, I was a bit surprised to find that at least three people made comments on my Facebook posts when I ‘advertised’ my intentions of the FREE giveaway. It seems these people felt I was being selfish by NOT sending my free items to folks in Texas who are suffering from the terrible losses from flood damage.

I am aware of the devastation that is occurring as a result of the flooding in Texas, however, I don’t have television and probably am not as ‘tuned in’ to the disaster as most people are. That said, let me clarify that in no way are my motives ‘elite’, selective or discriminatory by offering my items to local folks instead of to the people of Texas. I offered little response to the negative comments posted on Facebook. I simply replied, “Thank you, that’s a good idea”, and moved on. But I’ve been thinking and perhaps the comments and insinuations that were made in the FB posts have even ‘festered’ in me a bit. I didn’t really have much to share in a blog post today and this was on my mind so this writing¬† has become a ‘therapeutic’ post!

I consider everyone my ‘neighbor’ and when God commanded me to share my blessings, He didn’t specify to whom I should share. I didn’t really ask, and simply assumed sharing locally would please Him. I trust that it has, but perhaps need to talk this over with Him!

There are a few items left if anyone needs a blessing! 


5 thoughts on “Facebook Etiquette…

  1. Lindy, sorry to hear about the negativity in you deciding to put items out for free, instead of charging people for them.Remember there will always be those who choose to find fault,in things we do.Never grow weary of doing good. God Bless! love Hope.

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  2. I was going to mention also that the Texans probably have no need for vases and holiday items. I saw that their biggest need right now is boxes and tape. I think that it’s a good idea to bless others.
    That said I will be having a garage sale across the street from the west Snyder elementary school on Saturday. I have good stuff, cheap. Which has nothing to do with the hurricane, but stop by anyhow.


  3. Maybe these people didn’t see news reports and FB posts telling Americans who want to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey that it is better to send money than household items. (I viewed several such requests on TV and FB and posted one of them two days ago. ) Some of the items donated are not usable or even absurd; the help centers often don’t have room to store the donated supplies; and money can be used to buy more locally when possible, thereby benefiting local businesses. I would think they could use clothing, but it sounds as if they would prefer money to buy what they really need. I will be donating via United Methodist Committee on Relief Sunday in church. (100% of the donation goes to the victims since the church pays all administrative costs. ) I urge others to donate to their fav charity.

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