Tomatoes, Tomatoes!

I planted THREE tomato plants this spring. Two are varieties of large (sandwich/slicing) tomatoes and one is small ‘cherry’ type tomatoes. The plants are now overflowing with ripe tomatoes and even more that are currently green! I must say they are delicious!


I have the pleasure of babysitting my 4 year old great-niece, Lila, today. Her parents are packing last minute items in anticipation of moving, tomorrow, from their home in New York, to Leesburg, Virginia. Lila has been staying with her ‘Mimi’ (my sister) since Sunday and I am helping out today so that my sister can put in a day of work. Lila is SO easy and fun to have around and care for! The last few days I intentionally left tomatoes on the vines so that she would be able to help ‘harvest the crop’ today! Here she is…hard at work and enjoying every moment of tomato harvesting!

We harvested so many tomatoes we were able to restock our ‘free’ table that I have sitting in front of my house. I’m glad to be able to share the harvest!


If you are in Beaver Springs, stop by for a free tomato or two!

How is your garden growing these days?

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