A new week….and a crazy schedule!

My head is swimming, my allergies are flaring and my ‘to do’ list is a mile long!

How does everyone out there ‘collect their thoughts’ and gear up for a hectic schedule and list of commitments?

After this blog post, my plan is to spend some time on my patio with a cup of coffee, my bible and a notebook.

The coffee frees my brain, the bible frees my soul and the notebook frees my emotions. Writing out my “must do’s” on paper helps me to organize life and prioritize my activities. I admit that I don’t always follow this written plan, but the mere act of writing and thinking somehow helps me look ahead and keep life in some degree of order.

Coming up in the next two weeks are a yard sale, starting and planning lessons to get back to work, a class reunion that I will be decorating for and working on other added features to make the reunion fun, a day of baby sitting my great-niece and the on-going task of moving my office to a different room in the house and switching up furniture and the like. Oh…fall decorating has to fall in there somewhere also!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dreading any of this. I LOVE doing all of the above activities and will enjoy the moments. I get as much enjoyment in planning and THINKING about these fun tasks as I do in actually doing them…maybe more! Perhaps that’s why it helps me to think and write when I’m faced with ‘over load’ in life.

I hope you all have coping methods and are able to find JOY in the many tasks that we each face. For me, I will sip, pray and write until I get clarity and a sense of peace and organization in my life! THEN I will begin to tackle the many “to do’s” of the week ahead.


Feel free to share in the comments how you cope and process life…I’m interested in how others navigate through life!

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