Fall is in the air!

It’s chilly in my house this morning! Time to break out the fleece throws!

Yesterday we had beautiful weather! Crisp and cool in the morning and warm and sunny in the afternoon! I visited a local craft fair in New Berlin, PA and many stands were selling fall/autumn decorative items. I didn’t need any fall decorations, but DID make some sweet purchases of some vintage ‘small ware’ pieces.


I snagged a well built and well used hatchet for $10.00! It has a good ‘feel’ to it and was happy to find this item! This is something I’ve been wanting and needing as I like to build ‘camp’ fires outside and I’ve needed a hatchet to ‘shave’ logs into tinder and kindling sized pieces. After the incident of a SNAKE IN THE HOUSE on Friday night, a hatchet will be a handy weapon to have around the house! I ultimately killed the (small) snake in my kitchen by ‘smashing’ it with a meat tenderizer and large empty wine bottle!

I also purchased a small rolling pin with red handles. I love anything that shouts depression era RED in my kitchen! I topped off my purchases with three ‘feed bag’ dish cloths that I now have displayed in a tiered hanging wire basket in my kitchen.

Prior to the street fair my sister and I hit a few yard sales. My best purchase was a large floral print (maybe a photo) of beautiful summer flowers in a tin bucket. I have wanted, all summer, a large decorative piece of ‘something’ to accent a plain wall on a portion of a small covered patio. I FOUND IT yesterday! Patience is important and necessary when living on a budget and making the most of yard sales to supplement my shopping!

Nothing better than finding what looks like a $60.00 print for $5.00 at a yard sale! And how great is it to re purpose and reuse an item that would probably end up in a land fill or garbage heap? Did I mention that I enjoy scouring yard sales and free piles? Dumpster diving is right up my alley! 

It was a successful day of shopping that I enjoyed with my sister and daughter (and her much loved boyfriend this year). An ‘end of summer’ tradition that we’ve done for many years.

Leave a comment (left margin) and let me know some of your great yard sale finds!


One thought on “Fall is in the air!

  1. This time the comment section is at the bottom of the post where I look for comments. Of course I was looking at the left side. Hmmmm
    Anyhow, I had a great time yesterday too and am enjoying the additions I made to my collections.!

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