I love to be working outside in the garden! This morning I cut some fresh Zinnias, which I love! Here they are, brightening my kitchen!


After I cut the zinnias, I decided to snap some photos of my garden to share with you today. I worked for a few hours last night, cleaning out some ‘spent’ flowers, weeding a bit, moving some plants to make room for fall flowers (and a scarecrow that I am working on!) and planting some new additions that I purchased yesterday at Reiff’s Greenhouse in Vicksburg, PA.


Pictured are morning glories, which really haven’t bloomed this summer like I had hoped, but are pretty, nonetheless. Also my front flower bed (street view) and some new additions that I thought might look nice with chrysanthemums this fall. (very soon, actually!)

And last…is the mess that I am going to tackle today! Next summer I will NOT plant veggies with my flowers! I’ve already begun planning new raised beds for veggies next year! I didn’t realize how LARGE the zucchini, cucumber and tomato plants grow! I have sunflowers that are so heavy with flowers I need to tie them against the fence, zinnias that seem to be ‘wild’ and tomato plants spilling over with tomatoes! Mixed in with all that are a lilac bush and red bud tree that I temporarily planted in these raised beds this spring and must now move to a permanent location.

It’s work….but I love it and doubt I’d rather be doing anything else today! Share some stories of your garden if you care to leave a comment!


Happy Friday!

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