I’m joyful today! I am enjoying two simple things in life that make me happy! (more actually, but I’m highlighting these two)

ICED COFFEE!  I love, love, love coffee…served any way or any flavor and in most any food! Today, after mowing the grass, this Iced Coffee tasted especially delish! Starbucks Sumatra (at Amazon.com) with Skinny brand sugar free salted caramel flavoring is my favorite! I buy mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I see they are less expensive on Amazon.com.


FRESH LAUNDRY!  I love to hang clothes outside on my clothesline. The smell of fresh air on sheets and towels is intoxicating to me! I LOVE Dreft laundry detergent because it smells like ‘baby’! (I buy mine at Dollar General for $9.00 a bottle). I remember fondly a friend who, on breezy sunshiny days, always used to say. “It’s a good wash day”! Today is one of those days!


Here are a few more of my favorite things from this day….and it’s only afternoon!

  • My lunch…a tomato and lettuce sandwich…FRESH from my little garden
  • My old LLBean walking shoes….better know as my ‘garden shoes’.
  • The smell of cut grass after I mowed this morning
  • My Bible… as I read it this morning on my patio and
  • My THREE jack o’lantern pumpkins that are turning orange and just waiting to be used for fall decorating! Check out my Fall Pinterest board for fall/autumn ideas!

Take time to appreciate the simple things in life today! And tell me some of YOUR favorite things from this day!

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