Online gaming…

I babysat my grandsons on Friday and except for some time that we spent sorting through art work for potential Beaver Fair entries, (oh…and playing a joke on Grandma by hiding under the bed for 20 minutes!) the oldest grandson pretty much ‘played’ on the computer all day. He is quite into the gaming thing but unfortunately I have no clue what he is talking about when he shares his gaming adventures!


My online gaming consists of Bingo Blitz, Solitaire and a new app that I’m enjoying called Design Home. Even though my gaming is minimal, I can easily ‘get lost’ in creating the next living room design, hoping for the next BINGO win or trying to beat the best scores in Forty Theives, FreeCell or regular Solitaire. (I used to play 3 different variations of King’s Candy Crush also, until I realized that I was spending way too much money on purchases to better my game! I made a good decision one day and that game has wisely gone by the wayside!)

The issue with gaming arises for me because some time ago I determined to not incorporate into my life, activities that are engaged in simply for the sole purpose of ‘entertainment’. (Perhaps my Anabaptist ideology coming through). I have grown to appreciate that I have little need to supply myself with endless entertainment, simply to make life ‘full’ and feel happy or satisfied. I try to be more intentional in my choices and actions as I strive for God’s purpose to be accomplished in my life. I am fairly sure I could be doing something much more productive than online gaming. The REAL issue for me then is, ‘Will I’? When, where, and how to create greater and more purposeful productivity in my life is yet to be determined! I take solace in the fact that we are all “a work in progress!”

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