Sunday….my Sabbath. (7th day of my week)

So I read through the book of Exodus in the Bible this week and was reminded about the Sabbath and the command from God to REST and keep the day holy (set apart). This was something that I wasn’t too intentional about. Today I committed to give this day the honor that God has designed for Him and the day.

That said, I’m chilling so far today. I got up early, then went to an adult Sunday School class at my ‘home’ church. The class is taught by Mark Meckley…until September 17 when a new teacher will take on the challenge. Mark is a total scholar of the Bible and of Christian doctrine and very impressive, indeed. (Not that he strives to impress at all, he is very humble as he teaches). Worship followed. I was challenged, from the book of Exodus, to OBEY what God has laid out before me as instruction and leading. Not always an easy thing to do!

Last week in our church there was a request for people to donate altar flowers from their garden…so I volunteered.


Today I was happy and blessed to be able to share some of the beautiful flowers from my garden and to add beauty to our church altar.


Happy Christian Sabbath!

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