Who doesn’t LOVE to go out for breakfast?

A big shout out and THANK YOU to my sister who treats me to breakfast every Saturday morning! I really enjoy this hour every week to catch up on family news and solve the problems of the world! (Well, our very, small worlds, anyway!) My sister did this with our mother every Saturday morning until mom’s last few weeks of life (2 years ago this time of year). Now I’m the one who gets to enjoy this treat! Thank you, Kay!20170819_090518Today I arrived at breakfast only to find my sister and I wearing the same shirts! I love my comfy, cotton Woolrich T-shirts and I guess she does also!


Our breakfast is usually a low-carb selection but today I asked for (and ate!) the toast with my eggs and bacon. I continue to put on the pounds I shed a few years ago and I’m doing a lousy job of controlling what food goes in my mouth! Sigh… “a work in progress”, right?


Well, here’s to all those who love to enjoy breakfast out, to the very best waitress around and to the ‘regulars’ who I meet at Vince’s on any given day or meal time!


Have a happy, fun and faith-filled weekend!

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