A new adventure!

Greetings, Blog World!

Being my first blog post, let me tell you a bit more about my life and who I am. The story of and purpose for my blog can be found on the “About” page. Check that out to get a feel for the direction and evolution of this blog.

Currently, I’m 62 years of age and I live in a very small rural community in central Pennsylvania. My life consists pretty much of taking care of my ‘introverted’ self, nurturing the hobbies and interests that I have developed over the years and trying to figure out how best to make my love for Christ become real in my life and in the lives of others. I flip flop between being confident and scared, quiet and loud, strong and weak, pleasant and irritable, interesting and boring, kind and not so kind to others. Either one (or an interesting combo) of these attributes can appear at any time and often in the extreme. I know what God requires of me, I am confident IN HIM, and yet, I find myself , too often, going it ‘on my own’; that’s when I mess things up! Life is a WORK IN PROGRESS, even at age 62.

I am semi-retired from the work force. This summer I opted to ‘babysit’ my two grandsons who are ages 8 and 9. After Labor Day, I will resume my duties at our local community center, The MACC, as a Child Care Provider. I work two, 12 hour days each week, directing and running a play group for 4 and 5 year old children. I love what I do and have been busily preparing fun activities for these kiddos.

Today is a ‘slow’ day, I’m spending it with my grandsons. Because both boys are deep into electronics today, I’m able to spend time creating and learning to blog! YOU are the lucky recipient of my ‘trial’ and first post! I don’t expect to have much to share in the future that will be life changing or profound. I tend to babble more than anything and I don’t hold any illusions of this blog being read by more than 3 people! It’s OK, I’m using it as an outlet simply to share my life and it’s interesting twists and turns, while still remaining happily and comfortably ‘disconnected’ from much of the world’s negativity and evil.

For now, I will close this post and move on to learning more about wordpress blogging. Maybe you, also, would like to enter the world of blogging! Let me know if you have a blog or intend to start one!

May you all find JOY and Peace today!

2 thoughts on “A new adventure!

  1. Ive often thought of doing this but dislike learning techy stuff. I will be one of the three who follows your blog!
    At this point in life, I know mine isn’t what I thought it might be but I’m loving my Lord, my husband, myself and my dog!
    Blessings in this new endeavor! Debbie Seller Bobb

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