Month: August 2017

Facebook Etiquette…


I have had my eyes opened in the last day regarding posts on Facebook, which I perceive to have ‘crossed the line’ of respect, politeness and ‘minding one’s own business’. Have you ever been ‘stung’ by negative comments directed to you from others in the ‘anything goes’ format of Facebook?

If you follow this blog, you know that I was planning to have a yard sale this coming weekend. I opted, instead, to give my items outright to anyone who wants or needs them. I wasn’t seeking any kudos or accolades for this, I simply felt to freely give the items might be a much appreciated blessing for someone. God commands us to share our wealth and blessings, it’s that simple for me. OK, I acknowledge that perhaps there was some level of ‘selfishness’ in my decision. I really didn’t want to mess with the hassle of lugging tables and boxes and sorting and pricing items. I suppose I reasoned that I could better serve others (and myself) by offering items for free.

Whatever my motives, I was a bit surprised to find that at least three people made comments on my Facebook posts when I ‘advertised’ my intentions of the FREE giveaway. It seems these people felt I was being selfish by NOT sending my free items to folks in Texas who are suffering from the terrible losses from flood damage.

I am aware of the devastation that is occurring as a result of the flooding in Texas, however, I don’t have television and probably am not as ‘tuned in’ to the disaster as most people are. That said, let me clarify that in no way are my motives ‘elite’, selective or discriminatory by offering my items to local folks instead of to the people of Texas. I offered little response to the negative comments posted on Facebook. I simply replied, “Thank you, that’s a good idea”, and moved on. But I’ve been thinking and perhaps the comments and insinuations that were made in the FB posts have even ‘festered’ in me a bit. I didn’t really have much to share in a blog post today and this was on my mind so this writing  has become a ‘therapeutic’ post!

I consider everyone my ‘neighbor’ and when God commanded me to share my blessings, He didn’t specify to whom I should share. I didn’t really ask, and simply assumed sharing locally would please Him. I trust that it has, but perhaps need to talk this over with Him!

There are a few items left if anyone needs a blessing! 



Tomatoes, Tomatoes!

I planted THREE tomato plants this spring. Two are varieties of large (sandwich/slicing) tomatoes and one is small ‘cherry’ type tomatoes. The plants are now overflowing with ripe tomatoes and even more that are currently green! I must say they are delicious!


I have the pleasure of babysitting my 4 year old great-niece, Lila, today. Her parents are packing last minute items in anticipation of moving, tomorrow, from their home in New York, to Leesburg, Virginia. Lila has been staying with her ‘Mimi’ (my sister) since Sunday and I am helping out today so that my sister can put in a day of work. Lila is SO easy and fun to have around and care for! The last few days I intentionally left tomatoes on the vines so that she would be able to help ‘harvest the crop’ today! Here she is…hard at work and enjoying every moment of tomato harvesting!

We harvested so many tomatoes we were able to restock our ‘free’ table that I have sitting in front of my house. I’m glad to be able to share the harvest!


If you are in Beaver Springs, stop by for a free tomato or two!

How is your garden growing these days?

A new week….and a crazy schedule!

My head is swimming, my allergies are flaring and my ‘to do’ list is a mile long!

How does everyone out there ‘collect their thoughts’ and gear up for a hectic schedule and list of commitments?

After this blog post, my plan is to spend some time on my patio with a cup of coffee, my bible and a notebook.

The coffee frees my brain, the bible frees my soul and the notebook frees my emotions. Writing out my “must do’s” on paper helps me to organize life and prioritize my activities. I admit that I don’t always follow this written plan, but the mere act of writing and thinking somehow helps me look ahead and keep life in some degree of order.

Coming up in the next two weeks are a yard sale, starting and planning lessons to get back to work, a class reunion that I will be decorating for and working on other added features to make the reunion fun, a day of baby sitting my great-niece and the on-going task of moving my office to a different room in the house and switching up furniture and the like. Oh…fall decorating has to fall in there somewhere also!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dreading any of this. I LOVE doing all of the above activities and will enjoy the moments. I get as much enjoyment in planning and THINKING about these fun tasks as I do in actually doing them…maybe more! Perhaps that’s why it helps me to think and write when I’m faced with ‘over load’ in life.

I hope you all have coping methods and are able to find JOY in the many tasks that we each face. For me, I will sip, pray and write until I get clarity and a sense of peace and organization in my life! THEN I will begin to tackle the many “to do’s” of the week ahead.


Feel free to share in the comments how you cope and process life…I’m interested in how others navigate through life!

Fall is in the air!

It’s chilly in my house this morning! Time to break out the fleece throws!

Yesterday we had beautiful weather! Crisp and cool in the morning and warm and sunny in the afternoon! I visited a local craft fair in New Berlin, PA and many stands were selling fall/autumn decorative items. I didn’t need any fall decorations, but DID make some sweet purchases of some vintage ‘small ware’ pieces.


I snagged a well built and well used hatchet for $10.00! It has a good ‘feel’ to it and was happy to find this item! This is something I’ve been wanting and needing as I like to build ‘camp’ fires outside and I’ve needed a hatchet to ‘shave’ logs into tinder and kindling sized pieces. After the incident of a SNAKE IN THE HOUSE on Friday night, a hatchet will be a handy weapon to have around the house! I ultimately killed the (small) snake in my kitchen by ‘smashing’ it with a meat tenderizer and large empty wine bottle!

I also purchased a small rolling pin with red handles. I love anything that shouts depression era RED in my kitchen! I topped off my purchases with three ‘feed bag’ dish cloths that I now have displayed in a tiered hanging wire basket in my kitchen.

Prior to the street fair my sister and I hit a few yard sales. My best purchase was a large floral print (maybe a photo) of beautiful summer flowers in a tin bucket. I have wanted, all summer, a large decorative piece of ‘something’ to accent a plain wall on a portion of a small covered patio. I FOUND IT yesterday! Patience is important and necessary when living on a budget and making the most of yard sales to supplement my shopping!

Nothing better than finding what looks like a $60.00 print for $5.00 at a yard sale! And how great is it to re purpose and reuse an item that would probably end up in a land fill or garbage heap? Did I mention that I enjoy scouring yard sales and free piles? Dumpster diving is right up my alley! 

It was a successful day of shopping that I enjoyed with my sister and daughter (and her much loved boyfriend this year). An ‘end of summer’ tradition that we’ve done for many years.

Leave a comment (left margin) and let me know some of your great yard sale finds!


I love to be working outside in the garden! This morning I cut some fresh Zinnias, which I love! Here they are, brightening my kitchen!


After I cut the zinnias, I decided to snap some photos of my garden to share with you today. I worked for a few hours last night, cleaning out some ‘spent’ flowers, weeding a bit, moving some plants to make room for fall flowers (and a scarecrow that I am working on!) and planting some new additions that I purchased yesterday at Reiff’s Greenhouse in Vicksburg, PA.


Pictured are morning glories, which really haven’t bloomed this summer like I had hoped, but are pretty, nonetheless. Also my front flower bed (street view) and some new additions that I thought might look nice with chrysanthemums this fall. (very soon, actually!)

And last…is the mess that I am going to tackle today! Next summer I will NOT plant veggies with my flowers! I’ve already begun planning new raised beds for veggies next year! I didn’t realize how LARGE the zucchini, cucumber and tomato plants grow! I have sunflowers that are so heavy with flowers I need to tie them against the fence, zinnias that seem to be ‘wild’ and tomato plants spilling over with tomatoes! Mixed in with all that are a lilac bush and red bud tree that I temporarily planted in these raised beds this spring and must now move to a permanent location.

It’s work….but I love it and doubt I’d rather be doing anything else today! Share some stories of your garden if you care to leave a comment!


Happy Friday!


I think this quote is pretty accurate. What do you think? 

I have to tell you, today is one of those days…I’m a bit bored. I’m babysitting the grandsons and just don’t have enthusiasm to do much. I’m on the second load of laundry, but that’s the extent of productivity so far today.

I think boredom carries with it a degree of restlessness. A feeling of WANTING to do something but not knowing what can pleasurably fill that space and time, and thus becoming dissatisfied with the situation.

Are you ever bored? What do you do to combat boredom?

There are many times when I am doing NOTHING and am not bored at all because I am perfectly content in the situation. 



It’s GOOD to relax at times. Though I try to make the most of my time and be productive as I live life, there are times when we simply need to ‘recharge’. As an intuitive introvert, I recharge by being alone…I love and NEED my solitude! Most often I ‘chill’ with my own thoughts then quite often that turns into talking with God. 

What do you do to ‘recharge’ your spirit?

Whatever you CHOOSE to do today…do it well!

I’m joyful today! I am enjoying two simple things in life that make me happy! (more actually, but I’m highlighting these two)

ICED COFFEE!  I love, love, love coffee…served any way or any flavor and in most any food! Today, after mowing the grass, this Iced Coffee tasted especially delish! Starbucks Sumatra (at with Skinny brand sugar free salted caramel flavoring is my favorite! I buy mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I see they are less expensive on


FRESH LAUNDRY!  I love to hang clothes outside on my clothesline. The smell of fresh air on sheets and towels is intoxicating to me! I LOVE Dreft laundry detergent because it smells like ‘baby’! (I buy mine at Dollar General for $9.00 a bottle). I remember fondly a friend who, on breezy sunshiny days, always used to say. “It’s a good wash day”! Today is one of those days!


Here are a few more of my favorite things from this day….and it’s only afternoon!

  • My lunch…a tomato and lettuce sandwich…FRESH from my little garden
  • My old LLBean walking shoes….better know as my ‘garden shoes’.
  • The smell of cut grass after I mowed this morning
  • My Bible… as I read it this morning on my patio and
  • My THREE jack o’lantern pumpkins that are turning orange and just waiting to be used for fall decorating! Check out my Fall Pinterest board for fall/autumn ideas!

Take time to appreciate the simple things in life today! And tell me some of YOUR favorite things from this day!